Librium is a game that requires a good degree of strategy, nerve and cunning to outwit your opponents.

Librium Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black are all played in the same way, however, for those needing a serious challenge they should try their hand at the Librium Black!

LIBRIUM Blue... The Pocket Pack of laughter!

Just when your friends thought they were going to have to endure another boring night out talking about old times, you slap the pocket sized game down on the table and challenge the lot of them (It’s hoped by now you have had at least a small amount of practice before you show them the art of Librium!)!

We are not advocating that you should use it as a drinking game, but... The Mag Mount does look particularly magnificent attached to the top of a beer or other drinks bottle!



Guaranteed calorie free, in fact you're likely to burn calories playing it*! The classic Librium cards offer a rich and meaningful form of entertainment.

The cards are a good source of moral fibre, low in fat (wafer thin!), and are great as part of a balanced everyday helping of laughter! Each Tin ‘O’ LIBRIUM comes packed with goodness.
*Not tested!



For those wanting the challenge of a 30 card game where stability allows for more complex structures... This is the game for you! Start easy with the Fulcrum card clamped, then when you think you have mastered the dark art of Librium, unclamp the Fulcrum card and allow it to turn.

But that’s not all...! Try tilting the Fulcrum card when it can turn freely and ‘hey-presto’, another level of ‘Balance & Chaos’!



Just when you thought pub games were getting boring, and the thought of another game of block balancing was becoming too tedious for words, someone somewhere will be getting all the laughs, spills, thrills, balance & chaos having embarked on the dark art of LIBRIUM Black!

The solid Pro Clamp has a jaw of 50mm allowing easy fixture to tables, chairs, bars or any other stable structure. The clamp post can also be angled to make the game more central on a table.

Varying degrees of difficulty can be factored into the game with only slight adjustments as detailed in the instructions. We already have a World Champion... Maybe you will be next!



From Playground to Party... the one on one game that is sure to keep you level headed!


Branding on the reverse side of the cards is an optional extra! Full colour, 300dpi printing on the reverse side of your pack Librium construction cards with your own logo / artwork.

Logo preparation / design is available by request.

Send your image to, then add this option to your Librium order.